Inspirational Day…..Grocery Shopping?

October 25, 2012 — 3 Comments

It was just an ordinary day when I needed to go grocery shopping.

On my way, I saw a mom running with a baby in a carrier on her chest, pushing a toddler in a stroller, and holding a leash as her dog ran alongside.  This mom was dedicated and included her kids in her determination.  What an inspiration!

After parking my car at the grocery store, I got out and just happened to witness two women excitedly greet each other.  I overheard them as they eagerly told each other about their lives because they had apparently not seen each other in years.  What fun!

Pushing my cart down an aisle, I noticed a woman having trouble reaching an item on the top shelf.  I decided to offer my high-heeled help.  Before I could, a man walked by and in one swoop, grabbed the item, threw it in her cart, smiled, and kept walking.  What thoughtfulness!

As I was finishing up in the produce section, I observed an older woman talking with a young man.  She was apprising him of all her ailments,  many of which would have embarrassed her own mother.  But the man was completely absorbed in what she was saying, providing her much-needed attention.  What compassion!

Waiting in line to pay for my groceries, the woman checking out was paying with cash.  She was ready to hand over the money when she learned she needed some change.  Immediately, the man behind her handed the cashier the necessary money with a smile.  He saved her from having to dig for her wallet as a long line formed behind her.  What kindness!

Driving home from the store, I looked into a cornfield and saw a farmer’s family having supper together in a field.  A table and chairs had been set up along with a buffet table laden with food.  Not even harvest was going to stop this family from being together.  What devotion!

As I arrived home, I realized there really is no ordinary errand.  There really is no ordinary day.  If we just open our eyes, we will witness extraordinary in the midst of ordinary.

@2012 Connie Davis Johnson


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