November 15, 2012 — 9 Comments

This is the 3rd post in a series that recognizes people in occupations that often go overlooked.

Thank you to all those who work in the grocery industry such as cashiers, stockers, baggers, managers, delivery drivers, butchers, deli clerks, cake decorators, pharmacists, pharmacy techs, and greeters.  You provide a pleasant shopping experience and a place to buy our necessities.

We are grateful for those who work in maintenance.  They fix our furniture, electronics, locks, doors, minor plumbing, and much more.  A hard job that provides an indispensable service.  Thank you.

We are made to feel welcome away from home thanks to everyone in the hotel industry.  The housekeepers, desk clerks, cooks, servers, night auditors, concierges, luggage attendants, and managers.  Overlooked but appreciated, we are grateful for the work all of you do.

It’s uncomfortable for many of us to think about the death care industry.  As a result, we overlook many people in these crucial vocations.  They include funeral directors, embalmers, cemetery technicians, grief counselors, homicide detectives and investigators, crime scene cleaners, obituary writers, coroners, forensic pathologists, cemetery groundskeepers and caretakers. All of these hard-working individuals allow us closure and grief management during our most difficult times.

Where would we be without those in the septic and sewer occupations as well as those at water treatment plants?!  Many of us express our thanks for clean water but we rarely think about individuals who make our clean water possible.  Very difficult and thankless jobs but we truly appreciate all of you.


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©2012 Connie Davis Johnson


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