Thankfulness Even on Black Friday?

November 26, 2012 — 2 Comments

On a complaining fast last Friday, I also took the opportunity to be thankful in all circumstances.  That meant approaching each and every situation with gratitude.

Disclaimer:  If you plan to “try this at home,” I propose NOT doing it on Black Friday when you’ve been up until 4 am rubbernecking with the masses for a good deal.  Sleep deprivation and thankfulness are not friends.  But I live dangerously.  So even though I was still suffering from tired turkey syndrome, I gave it a shot.

Okay, another disclaimer.  Since my day didn’t technically end on Thanksgiving before going shopping, I didn’t start until after our middle of the night shopping extravaganza.  I’m not completely loony.

10:00 am – The day starts well.  I wake up!  So I’m alive.  That’s a plus.  Things are going well.  This is going to be a cinch.

10:00:03 am – I hear a shrill voice on a tirade in the hallway.  My loving daughter is bellowing through a closed bathroom door, “Get out Poobrain!  You always take forever!  You better not be using my razor.  What are you doing in there?  You better not have smelled it up!”  And then a voice from the bathroom, who no doubt spent countless minutes crafting her comeback said, “Shut up!”

I feel the need to share my plan to be thankful in all circumstances with the other occupants in my house.  So I say (somewhat emphatically), “Hey!  I’m trying to be thankful here!”

This may be harder than I thought.  But I can do this.  I think quickly.  Ah, I’ve got it!  I’m thankful for an indoor, heated bathroom where we can linger over hot showers and ample mirror time.  And with 3 women in the house, mirror time is vital!

Crisis averted.  I can totally do this!

10:15 am – I get out of bed.

10:20 am – Enjoying my shower, shedding the cooties gained while others invaded my personal space while shopping, I reach out for my hair conditioner and am met with a big barren space.  My daughter had taken it.  Foiled again!  God must be testing me.

Okay, I’m irked but I must be thankful so, I’m thankful for…….for…….hair.  I have hair that can get tangled and messy.  There, I did it!

10:30 am – As I brush the monstrosity on my head, I realize thankfulness is not painless.

11:30 am – In my sleep-deprived, agonized hair, state of insanity, my daughters talk me into taking them Black Friday shopping.  God must be checking my rationality.  I’m questioning it myself about now.

11:45 am – As my newly permitted 15 year old ricochets the car through traffic as if we are a ball in a pinball machine, I’m thankful I have a strong voice that allows me to scream and a sturdy door handle to grab.

4:15 pm – At the end of our shopping trip, I’m thankful there was no hair-pulling, elbowing, or scratching while procuring the last of the doorbuster deals.  See?  I knew I could be nice.

5:00 pm – We quickly clean house for my siblings who are coming over for pizza and games.  This is when I give thanks for having a room that could have easily been confused with the local landfill while growing up.  I could only go “up” in my brother and sister’s eyes.  So shoving everything in the closet and oven was the perfect solution.

10:00 pm – Heading to bed, I’m grateful for laughter, stories, and shared memories.

10:05 pm – Bone-weary, I take my cootie-covered, scraggly-haired, disheveled self and fall into bed.

10:05:03 pm – Suddenly from beside me, I hear, “How YOU doin?”  I turn to see a twinkle in my hubby’s eye.  I look at the clock.  Curses, it’s not midnight yet.  This thankfulness thing is not for the faint of heart.

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18



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©2012 Connie Davis Johnson


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