The Unacknowledged

November 29, 2012 — 2 Comments

Many people work hard each and every day in occupations that get very little recognition.  Some of these positions have been acknowledged each Thursday during November to show appreciation for their endeavors.  Today is the last day of this series.  Therefore, many more occupations have yet to be thanked.  My hope is this series has opened our eyes to those who are often overlooked so we can acknowledge their work and say thank you.  Meanwhile, I want to express my gratitude to those featured in this post.

Factory workers manufacture goods and chemicals every day.  Hard, continuous work that is never done.  We thank them for providing goods we enjoy and those that are necessary.  We may not always think about the person behind the making of the product but we thank you for everything you do that adds so much to our lives.

Many of us relocate ourselves from house to house but there are many working in the moving industry that help pack and transport our things, making life a bit easier.  They also assist companies when they relocate.  It is a stressful, busy, laborious job.  Thank you to everyone working in this industry.

Judges and lawyers are often teased for their chosen profession.  But we thank them for administering justice and defending the innocent.  There are many others in the legal field that are often unacknowledged:  paralegals, legal support professionals, mediators, legal secretaries, consultants, court reporters, compliance specialists, probation and parole officers, court officers, corrections officers, private investigators, forensic scientists, law clerks, and bailiffs.  Thank you for what you do in keeping the wheels of justice turning.

School principals and superintendents play a vital role in our children’s education.  They ensure sound fiscal planning, take responsibility for instructional leadership, establish legal compliance for the schools, create and execute policies, monitor teaching methods and perform reviews, develop relationships with students and their parents, and deal with day-to-day operations of the schools and district.  Thank you for the work you do that provides a quality education to our kids.

All those who work in Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, TSA, and other organizations that keep us safe.  A lot of work is done behind the scenes that the public is never made aware of for security purposes.  Many potential detrimental plans have been thwarted because of the work you do each day.  We may grumble when we are inconvenienced but we truly appreciate the safety you provide.

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©2012 Connie Davis Johnson


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