6 Ideas to Produce a Video for Family Night

January 18, 2013 — 3 Comments


Make a fun family video:

  • Make your own music video.  Play a song from a favorite CD and everyone can pretend to be part of the band.  One can be the singer and lip sync the song, one can play the drums, one can play the guitar, and another can play the keyboard.
  • Make a dance video.  Perform in your own flash mob.  One person can begin dancing and slowly each member of the family can join the dance.  Toward the end, each family member can drop out of the dance until only the original dancer is left.
  • Make your own movie.  Encourage everyone to  contribute to the script and help with gathering props.  If anyone would rather not star in the video, they may enjoy being the director.
  • Host your own talk show.  One family member can play the talk show host while another may be the announcer.  The rest of the family can serve as the guests on the show.  Questions may include exciting things that have been happening in the guest’s lives and some of the things they may be struggling with currently.
  • Host your own game show.  One person can play the game show host while the rest can be the players.  A trivia game would work well with this format.
  • Host your own awards night.  Give out awards for trying hard at school, not giving up during a tough baseball season, being a good friend, keeping the bedroom clean, etc.  Each person can take a turn announcing the award and opening the envelope.

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©2013 Connie Davis Johnson


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