Can I Get a Big, Sloppy, Grandma Greeting, Please?

February 11, 2013 — 2 Comments

I have always loved everything about my grandma’s house.  She lived on acres and acres of land that made the perfect playground for my cousin and me.  The tree-house my Grandpa built in the backyard always waited with new adventures.  A pond with a paddle boat entertained us until our legs hurt.  We tromped through the woods for hours.  We swam, climbed trees, and threw rocks down the well.  Grandma’s house spelled F-U-N.

92682757As much as I loved all the many forms of entertainment available at Grandma’s, none could vie for my favorite reason to visit.  What I loved most was my Grandma’s greeting upon my arrival.  Each and every time I walked through the door of her house, Grandma would meet me in the kitchen beaming with a wide smile.  Always waiting with a big, sloppy, Grandma kiss and a giddy, “How are you, honey?”

I always felt special walking through Grandma’s door because her face would light up with excitement.  She was genuinely thrilled to see me.  Every single time.  Although a greeting may be considered ordinary, when sincere and filled with love, it becomes extraordinary.

Reflecting on those special Grandma greetings one day, I had to wonder how my kids feel when walking through our door.  Sadly, I had to admit they probably don’t feel special.  Even though I always say an enthusiastic “hi,” and ask about their day, I don’t beam.  I don’t light up.  No kiss or hug awaits them.  Many times I keep working at my computer or in the kitchen.  My greetings are simply ordinary.  I suddenly realized I was missing out on the many fleeting opportunities to convey how special they are to me.

That day, I opened the door to my kids, lit up upon seeing them, gave hugs and kisses, and asked about their days while looking them in the eyes.  It was distressing to see their shocked faces.  To see them look at me as if I was one fry short of a Happy Meal.  It was obvious serious changes were in order.

I now attempt to greet my kids with sincerity and love.  It doesn’t happen every day but it happens more than before.  My prayer is they will fondly remember their mom conveying genuine love even in the midst of an ordinary greeting.  And just like my grandma, my legacy will be built one greeting at a time.

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©2013 Connie Davis Johnson


2 responses to Can I Get a Big, Sloppy, Grandma Greeting, Please?


    Great article! Thanks for the prayer guide!

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