How Should I Pray for Myself?

February 21, 2013 — 1 Comment

83217867This is the 3rd post in a series on prayer.  We discussed prayer for our kids and spouse.  Today, are some suggested ways to pray for self.  We must maintain our relationship with God in order for our prayers to be effective.  We must allow God to fill us in order to impact others.  That is done through prayer and reading the Bible.

The following are suggestions on praying for self daily:

Lord, I thank You for creating me and making me the person that I am today:

  • Help me to make my home a refuge and safe haven from the world for my husband, my children, myself, and anyone who walks through the door.
  • Help me to make my home a peaceful environment by not nagging or provoking anyone.
  • Help me to be slow to speak, quick to listen, and slow to anger.
  • Turn me from a coward into a conqueror, turn my chaos into calm, and my cries to comfort.
  • Give me a heart to know You and love You more than anything in my life.
  • Protect me from trouble and deliver me from evil.
  • Help me to witness and teach by communicating in a non-argumentative, non-defensive, and non-threatening way, demonstrating gentleness and patience, staying teachable without compromising what the Bible says.
  • Help me to control angry feelings, never expressing anger in hurtful ways or allowing it to linger for long periods of time.  Help me to see Your beauty in my face and life.  Help me to see myself through Your eyes and to realize my self-worth.  Build my self-esteem.
  • Help me to stay strong in times of temptation.
  • Help me to keep my priorities straight by putting my relationship with You first, spouse second, and children third.
  • Help me to forgive myself when I’ve made a mistake.  Help me to turn from my own evil ways and desires and live according to Your ways and will.
  • Strengthen my faith to believe You’re always with me even when I don’t’ feel that You are.
  • Keep my mind focused on You.  Capture my thoughts.  I give You my whole heart and mind.
  • Help me to use my material blessings to be hospitable.
  • Help me to value the time I have with my husband and my children.
  • Give me wisdom regarding our finances.
  • “Lord, help me to do great things as though they were little since I do them with Your power, and little things as though they were great since I do them in Your name.”  Blaise Pascal

Please visit again next Thursday as we finish up our series on prayer.

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