Praying for People Outside the Family

February 28, 2013 — Leave a comment

89933057Today is the last post in our series on how to pray.  We’ve learned to pray for our children, our spouse, and ourselves.  Today, we turn our attention to people outside our family.

The following are suggestions to pray for our church leaders, co-workers, friends, and others:

Church Leaders

Lord, I lift up the leaders of our church and pray:

  • More leaders will be developed.
  • You will be first in each of their relationships, priorities, decisions, and personal lives.
  • Help our leaders to cultivate a clear conscience.  Help them to lead a life that is honorable in every way and help them to exhibit a faith worth imitating.
  • Protect them from lies and bad attitudes.  Give them wisdom when dealing with conflict and problems.  Strengthen them during those times.
  • Give them peace about the financial situation of the church.
  • Help them to manage their time wisely.
  • Give them wisdom and discernment in all decision-making.
  • Help me to know how I can encourage each of them.

Co-Workers (paid or volunteer)

Thank you for my job or volunteer position.  I lift my co-workers and self up to You:

  • Give us unity and harmony.                                               
  • Help each person to see You in my life.
  • Give us wisdom in any decisions needing to be made. 
  • Help everyone to be accepting of new ideas and changes.
  • Give each of us a clear understanding and clarity when communicating.
  • Help us to have wholesome, helpful, and beneficial conversation.
  • I pray that You will make it clear to me when I need to change jobs.  Help me to be content until You call me to a different area and to continue working hard as if I’m working for You and not for people.
  • Give me discernment to know when someone is having a problem and needs a listening ear.  Give me wisdom during those times and the words to say.
  • Give our leaders wisdom as they go about the day’s business.
  • Help me to deal with frustrations in a godly manner.
  • Help the relationship between my boss (leader) and me to be a close and trusting one.

Friends and Others

Lord I think You for the friends You have brought into my life:

  • You value friendships, and I pray that You will open the door for me to develop more friendships.
  • Please bless my friends and help them today in whatever they may be doing.
  • Help them to manage their time wisely.
  • Give me discernment to know when and how to come alongside to support them in whatever they may be going through.

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©2013 Connie Davis Johnson




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