24 Revelations After 24 Years of Marriage

June 17, 2013 — Leave a comment


  1. Prayer is essential to keeping God in the middle of our marriage.
  2. My breath still catches in my throat when I see him across a crowded room.
  3. We truly are growing old together.  But he becomes more handsome with each passing year.
  4. He can still make me laugh until I snort.
  5. He still treats me like a Princess.
  6. We’ve learned there will be times we argue but we do not “punish” each other by making the other guess our thoughts, bringing up past arguments, or by withholding intimacy.
  7. Sometimes (*gasp*)…….he’s right.  OW, that one hurt!!
  8. We’ve learned to love, respect, and be thankful for our differences.  This is vital since we are opposite in every way except for religious and moral views.
  9. It is NEVER a good time to discuss trivial matters or anything serious during UK basketball, Cardinal baseball, or Bronco football games.
  10. We have both mastered the art of shaking our head giving the illusion we are listening to the other when we really are not.  See number 9!
  11. It may take us a few minutes but we can always tell when the other is not listening.  See number 9!
  12. We never bash each other to our friends, family, or kids.
  13. I may have carried our children for 9 months and gone through labor but he is just as important to the kids as I am.
  14. No matter how long we are married, it will always be important to have strict boundaries with the opposite sex.
  15. Sometimes a listening ear and a hug is all that is needed.
  16. Love is a verb.  Although we have a settled upon division of duties, we “love” by helping the other at times.
  17. He never tells me “no.”  There is no other word that will get my dander up faster.  He’s become highly skilled at saying no without using the actual word, “no.”  For that I’m thankful!  However, an intense conversation usually follows any words he chooses to use that convey, “no.”
  18. I bend to his “want to know everything beforehand so there’s no surprises” nature by planning every detail of our vacations and researching every large purchase.  He bends toward my “sometimes I just want to live life and not answer a bunch of questions in advance” nature by not making me answer 1000 questions when going on my own trips for speaking, work, or missions.  He’s also learned not to ask about my Kohl’s purchases.
  19. We talk through all decisions and although one of us may need to concede a few points, we come to a mutual agreement before moving forward.
  20. There truly is “for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.”  But we live it together and still cherish each other just as we promised.
  21. We started as best friends and we are still best friends.
  22. The kids may live on cereal and pizza when I’m away but he’s still a great dad!
  23. There are times we do go to bed angry.  But we always work it out in the morning.
  24. A sincere, “I’m sorry,” holds a lot of power.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life, Craig.  I love you more now than when I walked down the aisle 24 years ago.

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©2013 Connie Davis Johnson


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