Long Road to Ecuador

June 20, 2013 — 1 Comment

We made it to Ecuador.

We left at 5:30 AM Tuesday morning and arrived in Gonzama at 10 AM Wednesday. Spent the night on the cold tile at Quito’s airport and took the very bumpy and interesting ride from Loja to Gonzama.


We avoided livestock in the road, watched as cars passing other cars on blind curves, we got used to cars coming straight at us in our lane, swerved to miss a napping dog in the middle of the road (he apparently always sleeps in the middle of the road according to Amanda, the missionary), and hit the endless potholes.

All of it only added to our adventure.

We hit the ground running after arriving, painting at the Community Center. All the white people attracted the kids coming out of the school across the street and they eventually came over to check us out. The kids taught us some of their games so we got a nice little break.

Laughter and squeals are a universal language.

Amanda shared with me that 1 little boy asked if she cried in Spanish. Sometimes we just want to share an emotion with another person no matter what language.

It was a very busy day that ended at 9PM that night. Today, we will be leading a VBS for the kids in Portete.

I’m unable to upload pictures at this time but as soon as I figure out the problem, I will share photos.


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