Kids of Ecuador

June 21, 2013 — 1 Comment


Yesterday we led a VBS for the kids in Portete. The children were threatened by the priests, locals, and parents not to come to the event since it was being led by Christians. However, 63 kids had the courage to show up anyway.

We played games, made a craft, performed a skit that was mimed and narrated in Spanish, and sang songs. The kids had a great time so we are expecting even more kids this afternoon.

Many parents don’t know how to discipline so they allow their children to do whatever they want until they reach a certain age and then they change and punish by beating. We are praying the kids are not being punished in such a way because they attended the VBS.

We have another great day planned for these kids that are so often ignored and left to their own devices. They crave to be loved and that is what we are providing for them.

There is much more to share but unfortunately, there isn’t much time today. More tomorrow, hopefully.


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