About Connie

About this blog:

This blog will help you find extraordinary in ordinary everyday life by….

…..understand the extraordinary in yourself and love who God made you to be, through;

  • Personal growth tips, ideas, articles, quotes



…..see the extraordinary beauty in your family and love them unconditionally through;

  • Family tips, ideas, articles, quotes



…..recognize the extraordinary life going on around you through;

  • Pictures, tips, articles, quotes



…..learn to make life more efficient so there’s more time to enjoy the extraordinary through;

  • Recipes, organization ideas and tips, decorating ideas and tips



…..look at the bible with new eyes noticing the extraordinary within by;

  • Using verses, passages, and stories to go deeper in the bible and see it with fresh eyes



The basics about me:

–          I love Pinterest, Disney World, and HGTV.

–          If it’s made of chocolate, I’ll love it!

–          Diet Coke and I are closer than we should be.

–          When hubby and I retire, we want to travel the world!

–          I have a wide range of reading interests.

–          Laughing is a necessity.

–          It’s always a relief that I get to come home to a husband and kids who love me.

–          So thankful for a Father in Heaven who loves me despite my delinquencies.

–          I’m not the perfect Christian but God loves and uses me anyway.


I’m a Christian women’s speaker/writer who is passionate about helping all women recognize just how extraordinary they are and how much each has to offer.  I’ve spoken throughout the US as well as Italy, Austria, and The Netherlands.  The same passion that drives this blog, drives my speaking.  For more information about my speaking ministry, click here.

I work at New Castle Bible Church as the Communications Manager. The perfect job for someone who loves to talk.


My family:

I’ve been married to the love of my life, Craig, since 1989. The first 3 years were less than stellar. Actually, it was so bad, we hardly discuss it. But God saved our marriage. And many life lessons were learned in those early years that have gotten us through some tough times in later years.

We have three kids. Calan is in college. We are learning to “let go” and are enjoying watching her become a responsible adult. Cauriana will be beginning college soon so we are trying to get used to the idea of another one flying from the nest. Then there’s Colby. Teenager, all boy, and complete entertainer. He’s driving now and thus begins brand new lessons of faith as I watch him drive away from the safety of our home.


For more information about my speaking ministry, please click here.

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    its great to know you 🙂

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