Connie loves to minister to women and speaks to both large and small audiences.  Her relaxed speaking style makes each woman feel as though they are a friend out for coffee.  Connie’s goal is to take each woman through a journey where they will laugh, cry, and leave feeling full with some practical takeaways.

Connie has spoken in several states within the US, The Netherlands, Austria, and Italy.  If you would like more information about Connie speaking to your group, please contact her.

Connie will be happy to develop a message tailored for your audience, theme, and needs.  The following are her most popular topics:


Courage in Confidence

Do you struggle with your self-worth and confidence?  Gain a new perspective on the special and unique person you are.  In this workshop, you will:

  • Leave with the tools you need to live a self-assured and confident life.
  • Gain a new lease on life forgiving yourself for past mistakes.
  • Understand the extraordinary person God sees.
  • Achieve a dramatically better life as you learn to see the special person you are.

Prayer:  More Than Just Words

Would God really take time to answer my prayers when He has wars, earthquakes, diseases, and a myriad of other problems to deal with in this world?  Do you actually hear God’s voice when He speaks?  Does prayer really make that big of a difference?  If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, this workshop will:

  • Teach how prayer can make a remarkable difference in your everyday life.
  • Give insight into recognizing God working in every aspect of your life.
  • Help you realize just how much He loves and cares for you and your family.
  • Grasp just how effective prayer is.

After all, if you’re not praying for your family, who is?

Gallery of Words

Women speak 5,840,000 words a year!  How do you choose to use those words?  In this workshop, leave with the tools needed to:

  • Avoid gossip the easy way.
  • Deal with conflict without allowing emotions to rule your words.
  • Make silence work to your advantage.
  • Speak life into each life that touches yours whether they are a family member or a stranger.

Parent Power

Ever wish kids came with a manual? Has parenting or grandparenting made you tired, confused, or in need of answers? Learn how to tap into the power needed to get through the “hard” of parenting. “Parent Power” will help you

  • Recognize the powers you have at your disposal when parenting.
  • Discover the blessings of interruptions in life.
  • Create a plan to become a powerful and effective parent

Retreat / Multi-message event

One Step Closer

During this weekend retreat, 3 sessions will bring each participant one step closer to God by:

  • Seeing themselves through the eyes of Christ and getting their self-worth from the One who assigned it in the first place.
  • Gaining insight into how much God cares and desires a close relationship with them.
  • Learning to listen to God’s voice and developing a close relationship with Him through simple communication.
  • Using words to help others live up to their potential while showing others Christ is at work within us.

Group discussion questions draw women into relationship with each other.  Personal reflection questions encourage participants to spend time alone with God and enjoy His presence.  These questions are available in booklet form for each participant, if desired.


“Connie Davis Johnson’s message is a beautiful example of God’s redemptive and transformative power. She connects with women in the hurting places so Jesus can heal. I was transfixed by her story, and to this day remember the powerful message that she shared months ago.” Suzanne Eller, Proverbs 31 Ministries Speaker and author (www.proverbs31.org)

Connie has a natural gift for teaching and speaking. She is authentic, real, and uses humor to connect to audiences – with the ability to adapt to international cultures!”  Nikki Lörnitzo, Hearts at Home Vienna Conference Coordinator

Connie Johnson is about the truth: the truth of life, love and God. She shares the up and downs of life and how God is there every step of the way, never leaving her side or our side.  When she speaks to your group it is like she is speaking directly to you and I loved the time after her speaking session when she was available for individual questions.  Her wisdom and love of our Father is very evident in how she shares her life story. You and your group will truly enjoy having Connie join you.”  Jennifer Witham, Daughters of God Tea Director

“With humor, transparency and sound biblical teaching, Connie is a woman you can relate with. Be prepared to be encouraged!”  Sue Heimer, Speaker, Writer, and Teacher

“Connie is an engaging speaker who shares from her own life experiences in a way that makes you feel like you’re connecting with a good friend. She challenges her listeners to ask themselves tough questions while helping to direct them to the Source of real answers. She has shared with our ministry twice now and we look forward to hearing what God prepares her to share in the future.”  Lynette Roberts, Mom to Mom Director


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