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“If we don’t clean this bathroom soon, we’re going to need shots to use it!”

“Hurry, someone just pulled in the driveway! Grab everything near you and throw it in a closet, cabinet, or the dishwasher!”

“Argh!!!!! I can’t think straight in the middle of all this mess!”

These are all statements I’ve made when talking about our house. Since weekdays are busy, our family goal is to clean on Saturdays. However, it takes about 6 hours to get the house to “mom clean,” so it’s easy for other plans to interrupt cleaning.

The strain of knowing what needs to be done and not having time to do it makes my stress level soar! So instead of our home being a relaxing refuge from the world we all desire, it becomes nothing but tense turf. Because we all know when mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

Something would have to change to maintain sanity and healthy family relationships.

I began with a plan. My kids still need to learn responsibility so I made the decision they would continue to take turns doing laundry and dishes, they would be responsible for keeping their rooms clean, and they would take turns each Saturday cleaning their bathroom.

The rest of the cleaning duties were written down and split throughout the week. Testing and tracking revealed each weekday took 1 hour of cleaning. To make this doable, I simply cut back on social media. Weekend tasks don’t take as long and fit well with any additional plans made by the family.

It’s been two months and the changes within our household are amazing!

  • Our house is consistently clean making it a joy to welcome visitors.
  • My stress level has decreased which makes the entire family happier.
  • I’m now more efficient in other tasks since cleaning worry and guilt no longer take brain space.
  • Our home is now the refuge we desired.

Is this method for everyone? No! Some find it easier to do everything in 1 day, others to receive daily emails with tasks assigned, and many who want their kids to have more responsibility than in this plan.

What is the right way? Whatever works for YOU. I’m simply sharing this method as an option for anyone who find themselves in a similar situation.

Here is the plan:

Weekly Cleaning Plan

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Organizational Tip!

February 5, 2013 — 1 Comment

Organization tip using zippered plastic bags

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The kids walked in the door from school and a path of destruction followed.  Coats slung over the chair, PE clothes dropped on the stairs, book bags and shoes left in the middle of the floor, crumbs all over the counter, school papers strewn on the table, and mud tracked all over the carpet.  I stood aghast at how quickly my clean home turned to shambles in the hands of my children and tried to restrain my anger.

158586634When my clean, well-ordered house becomes cluttered and messy, I often look around and wish for the images I view on Pinterest, in magazines, and on TV.  I long to have everything organized and in its place.  Every room decorated with beautiful furniture and stunning accessories.  But these wishes are for a house, not a home.  A house is location, a place to decorate, a place for storage.

A home is:

–          A refuge for family and friends.

–          Saturated with unconditional love.

–          Full of memories.

–          Packed with fun.

–          Comfortable and cozy.

–          Inviting.

–          Filled with laughter.

–          Safe for all who enter.

–          Encouraging.

–          Joyful.

–          Hopeful.

–          Family.

–          Friends.

–          Family nights.

–          One-on-one time with the kids.

–          A place to teach and learn.

–          Lived in.

No, my house does not look like a page ripped from “House Beautiful” magazine.  At least not at the moment.  However, there may come a day when my house looks the showplace I desire with the décor of my dreams.  But that day will be long after the shoes have disappeared from the middle of the floor, the book bags are put away forever, the crumbs have been swept off the counter and into the trash, coats are neatly hung in the closet, and there’s no longer a need for PE clothes.  It will be after my kids have grown up and started a life of their own away from the nest.

When I look around and wish for the “house of my dreams,” I want to realize I already have a “home of my dreams.”  And I don’t want to miss it wishing for something different.  After all, an imperfect home is one of life’s greatest gifts.

Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.”  ~ Luke 12:15

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©2013 Connie Davis Johnson