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Easy Laundry Plan

January 8, 2014 — Leave a comment


Hate laundry?  Try the following simple method to make laundry manageable.

Use a central basket system

  • Choose a location in the house and provide 4 laundry baskets total for everyone to use.  This can be in the laundry room, in a closet, or another convenient place.
  • Use one basket for towels and sheets, one for whites, one for colors, and one for darks.
  • Every person then brings their dirty clothes to these central baskets.
  • Once a basket is full, it’s ready to be washed.

Get kids involved

  • Assign each child a week for laundry duties.
  • Train them to keep an eye on the laundry baskets and wash whenever a basket becomes full.
  • Instruct each child on the rules for laundry.  Teach them how to set up the washing machine and dryer.  Let them know which baskets need to be washed in hot and which need to be washed in cold (this can be marked on the baskets as a reminder).  Also instruct on the amount of detergent to use, if dryer sheets should be added to the dryer, and how to use stain removers.
  • Spend time teaching folding techniques so there is consistency with each load.

Clothing tips

  • Buy 2 week’s worth of socks and underwear for each family member.  There will be less “emergency” loads when everyone is fully stocked.
  • Each person is responsible for communicating when an item of clothing needs special attention.
  • In an inconspicuous spot, mark each person’s socks, underwear, and other clothing with their initials.  This will help avoid confusion when folding and returning laundry.
  • Once laundry is washed and folded, each person’s stack of clean clothes is placed on their bed to be put away.

Although there are many ways to tackle laundry, this system has worked well for our family for many years.  What has worked well for you?

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