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86518362Are you living your priorities?  Here are 3 ways to ensure you are:

Control the calendar – If you don’t control your time, someone else will and they will not take your priorities into consideration.  People may not understand the importance of your priorities or scheduling the time needed to honor them.  For example, many people view spending time with family and self as free time on the calendar that can be filled with other things.  Don’t allow that to happen by scheduling those important times for family, self, and other top priorities and then safeguarding them.

Say no! – “No” is a fabulous word.  Use it to protect those priorities scheduled on the calendar.  Since it’s human nature for people to judge how others spend their time, don’t worry about sharing excuses when saying no to an opportunity.   Say something general such as, “Thank you so much for the opportunity but it will not work with my calendar at this time.”  Another way to say no is, “Thank you for the opportunity but I’m going to have to pass.  Maybe in another season of life.”

Control responsibilities – When presented with an opportunity, always take 24 hours to think through how it fits with your priorities.  This will decrease emotional decisions that may infringe on the things that are truly important.  Also remember, when family members say, “yes,” it may mean added personal responsibilities.  For example, when your child joins a sports team, you may be responsible for covering the concession stand, selling tickets, or making team snacks.  These required obligations should always be honored, therefore, these decisions should be measured against your own priorities and your child’s.

Remember, when you say “yes,” to something, you are saying, “no,” to something else.  And that something is usually a priority.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  ~ Matthew 6:33

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